Episode 22: The Men-in-Black

We live in a very mysterious world, and there’s so very much that we don’t understand about it. And, that is just on this planet…. But, we also live in a universe that for those of us who are experiencers, know is teaming with life. There are many things that happen here that just don’t make any sort of sense at all. Some of these things we can say are lies, or hoaxes, delusions, or misinterpretations of events seen or experienced. But sometimes, it is very, very hard to dismiss the strange things that happen, especially when we can’t rationalize the event – whatever that may be. Especially, when it is so far out of our paradigm of what our shared reality may be.

AND, even if we are able to create some sort of rationalization for what we just experienced or saw – very often we know we are just fooling ourselves, but refuse to delve any deeper into the subject, for fear of what we may find, or what it may reveal about the nature of this reality we find ourselves in. We find ourselves not ready to question, or want to acknowledge that the event even happened. So, we chose the easier and safer option for us, and that is trying to rationalize the event away – Or to even deny to ourselves that the event actually happened….

Some people who have witnessed UFO’s in our night, or day skies – or even on the ground, as the case may be. Don’t want to talk about what they saw, don’t want to think about it – ‘cause, it is too far out of their considered version of what reality is. And, that is a perfectly understandable reaction for some – particularly since this subject is still treated with derision, and as a joke by some people. Others simply refuse to believe, or even consider the probability that life exists outside of this planet…. And, so these people try and put the experience behind them to forget about it and move on with their version of reality.

However, sometimes this is not possible. Because some people have follow up experiences that most often shake them very seriously, and can create fear in them. I am referring here to the mysterious Men-In-Black – or MIB. Most people when they hear the term MIB they think of that very funny nineteen-ninety-seven movie starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones – with that wonderful catchy rap tune sung by Will Smith, that spanned a franchise of four movies in total. They think it is all just a Hollywood invention, not actually knowing of the reality of the situation. Often people still treat this aspect of the UFO subject with a great deal of skepticism and doubt.  But for those who have experienced the men (and sometimes women) in black for themselves they know very well of the reality of their existence. I personally have had an experience with these Men-In-Black, when I was a kid, the day after having a UFO encounter. It left an indelible impression on me, and I will share my experience later in this episode.

Are you ready to take a trip with me into this part of the Shadowlands, and see what we discover? Then, let’s begin….

What Are the MIB?

Firstly, what are the Men-In-Black? These elusive men, and sometimes women – who or what are they? When did they first come into the consciousness of humanity? Let’s take a brief look firstly at what they are, then at the known history of these beings – people, whatever they may be. What they do – or their supposed role, and then I’ll give you a physical description of them – which hasn’t altered too much from the 20’s when they were first reported. Finally, I’ll share some historical accounts, my own experience (along with my Mum’s), and some more recent accounts. Yes, they still do happen.

What Do They Do?

These Men-In-Black are mysterious strangers that often, but not always show up unannounced after close encounters, or sightings of UFO’s, or even research they may be doing on UFOS. They know all about the person they are confronting. They know personal stuff about them that no one else may know. They know precisely where they were, and what they saw – even if the witness has not told another living soul.

They reportedly attempt to threaten witnesses, and reporters of UFO encounters, and strange occurrences into silence – such as one incident in the Moth-man incident in the USA. They threaten dire consequences if the witness does not comply. There are reports of Men-In-Black following witnesses in black cars late at night, and terrifying them with threat-filled phone calls.

They do this through intimidation, and coercion. Often threatening both the witness and their families into silence.  Or intimating that they will harm them in some way. They confiscate any physical evidence the witness may have and then they suddenly depart, sometimes completely vanishing when they are on only a short distance away.

They’re sometimes thought of as a sort of “damage control”, because, it appears that their job is ­­– or at least was, in the past, to contain and stifle information from getting out to the public. But that cat’s pretty much out of the bag now.

What Do They Look Like?

Generally, the Men-In-Black appearances all are roughly the same. And, certainly the ones I experienced as a child fitted right into the normal description of them. These men are reported as being male in form – however, not always. Nevertheless, they do always appear in groups of no less than two – generally three. They’re dressed exactly the same way, with bland black suits, white or grey shirts, as well as a tie. Wearing black shoes and socks – sometimes said to be on the wrong feet. Like they don’t know how to dress properly.  As well, they generally wear a black fedora hat, with sunglasses on. No matter what time of day or night.

They are always described as being tall generally over six foot or one point eight metres tall. Dress wise they tend to look a lot like Agents J and K from the MIB movie franchise. The movie did follow that part of their description quite accurately. Their clothing has been described mostly as unrealistically neat and tidy, and wrinkle free. Despite that, sometimes their outfits appear quite soiled.  They tend to appear in large black Cadillac’s or Sedan type cars. Or the older type cars in earlier cases with running boards. The ones I saw certainly had a car with a running board on it – which fitted in with that era. I vividly remember the running board as a third MIB was standing with one foot on it.

With their physical appearance they have been described variously as tall, but thin – generally anyway.  With the odd exception. Their skin can be anything from pasty white, looking like it is painted on, or plastic in appearance – sometimes with bright red lips (sometimes being painted in – as per one witness account) – to possessing an almost oriental appearance, or looking like a racially ambiguous Crypto-Asian type of appearance. Some reports have them looking almost Italian, Burmese, or Indian in appearance. Generally, they are bald, but sometimes have very, very fine whispy – and generally blond coloured hair. With often, no eyelashes.

Some are said to walk with a quite unusual walking motion, sometimes moving like their hips are swivel joints – so they at times appear to produce a gliding or rocking effect. Often with their torsos, and legs seeming to move in opposite directions. Some witnesses say, the way they walk makes them appear intoxicated. Or, they walk in a very stilted and robotic sort of way. Like it is not natural for them to walk.

Their speech can display normally, with accents from whatever country they appear in. Or, they have a very mechanical, mono-tone sounding voice – variously described as metallic, and even robotic in cadence and tone. Generally, they are facially, and vocally expressionless.  Or they smile inappropriately – like they don’t know how to do it properly. But most often give off a feeling of menace, very cold, and sinister in feeling. Like they mean to do you harm, or at the least, are a threat to you, and your family. Very intimidating. I know they certainly intimidated my mother.  They are not above using scare tactics and intimidation to keep witnesses quiet about what they have witnessed. Generally knowing what the witness had seen, even if they had not told a soul about it, and warning them not to tell a soul.

When they contact people they present like they are part of a secret organization – at times they will even show people a white card with the word security written on it. Often referring to each other by a number, rather than using a name. Therefore, they are often associated with the FBI, CIA, or some unnamed covert federal department ­­– whose job is to seek out those individuals probing too close to the truth behind UFOs and scare them of. Some ufologists alarmingly postulate that the MIB are actually not of this Earth.

All very mysterious indeed!  I am not here to speculate what they may or may not be. I will leave that up to you all to make up your own mind. I am merely here to present the information to you all. I personally know what I and my Mum both experienced, and really, that is all I can speak to.

Here is a bit of the known and recorded background of the Men-In-Black in modern recorded times, please note that there are so many of them I am only including those I consider most interesting or different.

Reported Accounts

  • The very first publically recorded encounter with MIB was from a news reporter from West Virgina, in 1924. This chaps name was John Cole. He apparently visited the site of a supposed ‘airplane’ crash in one Braxton County, and while there was told by a man in a suit “with high cheekbones, slant eyes, dark skin”, that no crime had been committed with the crash, and that no one was hurt. While he was on the site of the crash, he picked up what he called a ‘thingamajig’ from off the ground amongst the debris, and he took it home with him. About 3am the very next morning, he was woken by knocking on his door. A supposed ‘Army’ officer with the same foreign appearance as the man in the suit, demanded the return of “the metal thingamajig.” Which he was given.1
  • Harold Dahl was visited at 7 a.m. by a man dressed in black, who drove him in a black Buick sedan to a café where he told him about his sighting of six ‘doughnut’ shaped objects the day before near to Tacoma, Washington State, and said that if “he loved his family he would keep quiet about the matter.”2/3

Dahl was later questioned by two Air Force intelligence officers, Frank Brown and William Davidson; when they set off by air to return to their base, the plane crashed and they were killed. Two days later Kenneth Arnold, who had also investigated the affair, was flying home when his engine cut out and he was forced to crash land.

I have read many versions of his account online and commonly those reported say that Dahl admitted that the story was a hoax, but an August 1947 teletype from the Seattle FBI Special Agent George Wilson to J. Edgar Hoover stated that:

Please be advised that Dahl did not admit to Brown that his story was a hoax but only stated that if questioned by authorities he was going to say it was a hoax because he did not want any further trouble over the matter.1

  • Albert Bender in the late in the summer of 1953, made a series of discoveries, which led him to believe that he had finally found the truth to the UFO cover-up. He had planned to reveal his findings in the October issue of his quarterly journal ‘Space Review’, but before the issue was published, he was visited by three “men dressed in black,” who had already read the unpublished report, and who confirmed his findings. The “silencers” as he called them, scared Bender to the point where he did not publish the report, but left a warning: “We advise those engaged in saucer work to please be very cautious.” Bender then suspended publishing on his publication and dissolved the IFSB.5

Shortly after he closed down the Space Review and the IFSB, he gave an interview to a local newspaper, which he said that he had been visited by three men wearing dark suits, and that they had ordered him to stop publishing material about flying saucers. Bender said that he had been scared to death and that he couldn’t eat or sleep for a couple of days

  • Closer to home in Australia in Easter of 1954, three men photographed a UFO over the Nullarbor Plain, and then had their film confiscated by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO); one was later visited by a supposed ASIO agent who ordered silence and “frightened the living shit out of me.” 4

My MIB Story

So, when I was a young child, probably between 4 – 6 years old, so somewhere between 1960-62 (omg now you know my age – yes, I have been around the block once or twice). I lived in Palmerston North. In the lower, North Island of New Zealand.

Frosty Jack

My father had a scrap metal business there, and our home was on the business property in an industrial area. It was right opposite a Frosty Jack ice-cream factory. I used to really like Fridays, because that was the day the factory would clean out their freezers and would generally dump the ice in the street to melt. Of course in those days, that was more or less acceptable to do stuff like that.

 I used to like watching the ice melt, especially because sometimes one of the workers would walk across the road and give me an ice-block. So I always made a point of being out there watching, and talking with the workers when I was at home. And, I just liked the attention the workers gave me, they made me feel happy talking to them.

 Anyway this day, I can’t remember why I was home. Ill or something. It was smoko time as there were people outside – 4 or 5 of them, having a cuppa tea. I even remember one of the guys was sitting against the huge pile of ice – so around 10am in the morning. Early autumn or Winters day, ‘cause, it was cold, and the sun was warm on my skin.

Suddenly there was a high pitched whistling sound, and a vibration that seemed to rattle the toys I was playing with on a wooden box!  It got louder and louder. So loud I had to cover my ears. It was so high pitched, it really hurt, and I didn’t know where it was coming from. I noticed all the workers across the road looking excitedly and pointing at something, and also some of them were covering their ears as well, as the noise – the whistling sort of sound was sooo loud and painful.

I turned to look at what it was they were pointing at. Directly above my home, and descending slowly ‘til it came to a stop was a classic saucer shaped UFO. Spinning rapidly, and with white lights blinking on and off. It was as I recall, silver in colour. The pitch of the whistling was very high, and very ear piercing!  I had ruptured my eardrum as a kid so this was especially painful to me.

My mum came running out of the house to see what the noise was all about. She stood there, as shocked as the workers were. I don’t know how long the ship stayed there. It was easily as wide as the width of our whole section. I don’t know how high it was in the air either. As a kid I had no way of judging that. After a period of time it suddenly shot off into the air vertically, and disappeared in a matter of the blink of an eye.

I did not remember until many, many years later that I actually had an experience on board this ship, or that I had been transported up by means of some sort of blue beam that descended from the ship and engulfed me, but that is for another episode.

So that was very interesting, exciting even, and after a short time of everyone animatedly discussing what they had seen – my Mum, and the workers together, the workers went back to work. Mum went back inside to continue whatever she was doing at the time, and I went back to watching the ice melting.

Early the next morning, there was a knock at the front door. Being a young kid it was such a thrill when anyone knocked on our door, and I loved to be the first to open it. In fact, my older sister, and the toddler at that time, and I, would all race to answer it when someone was there.

So, I ran to the door to see who was there.  But, mum opened the door, and I was there right beside her in the doorway. Standing there were two classic men-in-black. Wearing suits, fedora hats, sunglasses, and with a posh, low, black car in the street outside our house – it had a running board. One of them stood on the doorstep, one stood on the footpath to his side and there was another on the street who was standing, beside the car with one foot on the running board. They both gave off a very oppressive, very threatening, and authoritarian vibe, so much so, that Mum immediately pulled me behind her for safety. I could feel her hands shaking as she held me there. Even though they made me feel scared, what scared me more, was Mum’s reaction.

I remember how white the men looked, very, very pale. The men basically told mum that she would not talk about what had happened yesterday, and in fact, that she would forget it ever had happened – especially if she knew what was good for her. They kept expressing that she would forget it.  After – I dunno, a couple of minutes? The man at the back said, “What about the kid?” The front guy said “She’s too young! Won’t remember anyway!”

Well that made me more determined to remember it. No one told me what I could, and could not remember. And, to this day, so many decades later, I remember those comments absolutely clearly. I am very determined when I make up my mind to be. The men abruptly left and I did not see what happened to them, ‘cause, mum slammed the door shut – I remember because we all got a real growling for slamming door, and she did it herself. She was so shaken up she had to sit and have a cuppa and a cigarette. I remember her hands were shaking so badly she could barely light the smoke. And of course, with the hindsight of some maturity, my Mum was only in her late twenties at the time, so I can only imagine her feelings with wee ones to protect. And her husband away on a business trip.

So life went on then years later when I was an adult, with children of my own, and before I went to live in North Carolina, from New Zealand, I went to Napier for a last visit with my Mum.  We were sitting in the lounge discussing our family UFO experiences, and I said to mum, do you remember the Frosty Jack UFO and the men in black? She said “What are you talking about?” So I reminded her of the incident. Going over it all in detail and all of sudden she said “Oh my god! I completely forgot about that. Completely!  But, I remember it now!” And, she was able to validate and recall everything she remembered from that day.

So that was my MIB incident. The only one to date, in my life but very, very real…. And indelibly recorded in my memory. Since then – perhaps to spite them, or because they said not to talk about it. I have made it my business to talk about UFOs and my experiences whenever the subject is brought up. Regardless of what people think of me. I simply don’t care, even more now at my age. I don’t care. It is my truth, and I will always speak about it.

  • So onto the 1971, when one Jim Wilson of the Eastern Midlands was visited by two men who said they were with the “Ministry of Defence”. They told him he “might as well forget all about” the light he had seen in the sky in late August – this was now October of the same year. They told him it had been identified as the Russian satellite Cosmos 408 – but this was later proved to be not correct. Two men in a black Jaguar car started parking by his house in the evening. Police checks discovered that its number plate was false. On the 21st of October, police officers approached the car to question the men, but suddenly it “melted away to nothingness”.1
  • In 1975 a gentleman named Anton Ponce de Leon, who was an Argentinian Ufologist, was visiting Sicuani where there had been a large number of UFO sightings. Whilst there, he happened to meet a reporter from Lima, Peru who worked for a news paper called the Ultima Hora. The reporter had actually photographed 3 UFOS in Capillani. Argentina. And, he took them to be developed. When he returned to his hotel room, he found that “two gentlemen in black, and with hats” had trashed his room. Presumably looking for the images, and further harassment from these Men-In-Black, had made him “extremely frightened”.8
  • Again in 1975, a gentleman by the name of Carlos de los Santos Montiel, had previously had a close encounter with three flying discs, when he was flying in his light plane, as he was approaching Mexico City. He was on his way, driving to a TV station to share his experience, when two black limousines, blocked his car in. Four men got out and warned him not to talk. So he went home. But later he agreed to talk with Allen Hynek about his experience. But, again was warned off by the Men-In-Black.1

On September the 11th, 1976 there was a very famous case involving a family Doctor, and a hypnotist from Old Orchard Beach, in Maine, USA. This account was one of the most detailed accounts of a Men-In-Black visit. His name was Herbert Hopkins.

The Hopkins Case

The night this incident happened. Hopkins was 58 years old. Well respected, and liked in his community. He was at that stage working on a UFO incident that happened in his state of Maine. His wife, and children had gone out for the night and he was home alone.

Hopkins was sitting there when the phone rang. A man on the other end of the line identified himself as a representative of a New Jersey UFO organisation – which actually turned out to be phoney. He said that the chap:“Wanted to know if he could come here and talk to me about the UFO case. He also asked if I was alone, and I said yes

Hopkins was telling his story to a reporter for broadcast on the NBC Radio, in 1978 – a couple of years after the incident.

After he hung up the phone, he walked from the phone to the front door, and turned on the light. To his surprise, the man was already coming up the steps. Hopkins says, recalling the incident; “If he was even as close as across the street or next door telephoning, he could not possibly have gotten here as soon as I did to turn on the light for him,”

So he let the stranger into his him. When he came in Hopkins was a bit take aback by his appearance. He said: “He wore a neatly tailored black suit, black shoes, black socks, a white shirt with black tie, and he wore a black derby. You don’t see derbies very often, and I thought to myself, this guy looks just like an undertaker.” After he had seated himself, the visitor removed his hat, and Hopkins continued his narration:“This character was as bald as an egg. He didn’t even have eyebrows or eyelashes. It looked like he had smooth, plastic skin — like a doll except that it was a dead-white color. His lips were a brilliant ruby red, and he spoke in an expressionless, monotone, scanning speech. He constructed no phrases and sentences — just a sequence of words evenly spaced. His voice was completely passive with no inflection or intonation, as if you were hearing it from a machine that could talk.”

Hopkins also noted some other strange things about his guest.“He sat perfectly motionless and wore grey suede gloves. He idly brushed his lips with the back of a glove, and when he put his hand down, the back of his glove was bright red and the red on his mouth was smeared, so I knew he was wearing lipstick. Then I could see that his mouth was a perfectly straight slit. Apparently, he did not have what we call lips, so the lipstick was put on as a decoy — his mouth was more like a ventriloquist’s dummy.”

They talked about the UFO case the Doctor was investigating. Then the story takes a nastier twist.  Apparently satisfied with the information he had gathered from Hopkins, he changed the subject of the conversation. The visitor told Hopkins he had two coins in his pocket – which was correct! And, asked him to take a coin out of his pocket, and to hold it in the palm of his hand. Hopkins chose a shiny, new penny. He then told Hopkins to watch the coin closely

Hopkins said: “It started to develop a silver colour instead of copper, and then the silver became bluish, and the penny started to get quite fuzzy, as if it were out of focus, all blurred, and then it was simply gone! It slowly dematerialized.”

After it had vanished the visitor told Hopkins that the coin would never be see again. He then asked if Hopkins was familiar with the UFO abductee Barney Hill. He replied that he had hear of him, but had thought he had died. The visitor then told Hipkins, that was correct. That, Barney didn’t have a heart, just like you no longer have a coin. But actually Barney Hill died of a stroke or cerebral haemorrhage. Following this demonstration, and the implied threat, the visitor ordered the doctor to destroy all the information he had about the UFO case.

A very shaken Hopkins then said, “As he spoke his last words, I noticed his speech was slowing down. His words became slower and farther spaced. He slowly got to his feet, unsteadily, and he said very slowly, ‘My – energy ­–  is – running –  low – must – go –  now – goodbye.’ Just like that.”

Then he said that the visitor clung tightly to the step railing as he went down. Placing both feet on each step, and then disappeared around the corner into a bright light. This encounter so terrified, and intimidated Hopkins that he destroyed all his hypnotic regression tapes of the incident, and in fact all traces of any UFO materials he had. He never ever did any more research in that field again.

There are just sooo many genuine reports of encounters with these mysterious MIB that I simply do not have the time to tell you of them all over the decades. So I am simply going to share 4 more accounts with you. Most of these are within the past decade and one within the past year. That is James’ account, who gave me permission to share this with you.

Not all people who have these encounters are regular off the street people. One famous comedian,  actor, producer, and successful businessman Dan Ackroyd had an encounter while working on a show about UFO encounters. This is a man who has a lot to lose professionally, but that has never stopped him from talking about his beliefs in these encounters.

In 2002 he had a contract with the SciFi channel to produce a series on UFOs called “Out There’ 8 episodes were filmed, but never aired. During a break in the taping of the final episode, Dan stepped outside onto the streets of New York to have a smoke. While standing there on the street he had his encounter. Shaken, he went back inside the studio, where he was informed two hours later, that the taping would cease immediately, and that the the series had been cancelled. The cancellation was never explained to him and the existing episodes were never released to DVD.

The following are his words, taken from an interview in a video entitled “Dan Aykroyd on UFO’S Unplugged” There is a link on the episode page of the podcast website, www.walkingtheshadowlands.com to the part of the full interview with Dan on that experience.

Dan Ackroyd’s Encounter

“What happened was, we sold the show to the Sci Fi Channel and it was called Out There and I basically interviewed all of the people that I admired in various fields of study like Colin Andrews in the crop circle movement, Linda Moulton Howe, the expert in cattle mutilation, John Mack…. I talked to him. I talked to the Allagash guys who were taken in a canoe in the trip in Maine and I, I mean, the last show we did, I had both Bassett, who has the UFO time clock and Greer, both Bassett and Greer were there. They were my two guests for the two.

Well, the show was cancelled that afternoon and I was outside, before I knew it was cancelled, in between the interviews and, uh, I was outside and Britney Spears called me because she wanted me to appear on Saturday Night Live with her. And so, I was outside having a cigarette, the phone rang, I was like, ‘Hello Britney, how you doing?… Sure, of course I will…’ I turned away like this (moves head to left), I turned back (moves head back towards camera) and there was a black Ford across the road, a black Ford Sedan and I was trying to look at the plate but the plate seemed kind of fuzzy and… Definitely a police car and two guys were there and a big, big tall guy got out of the backseat and he stood in the street, on 42nd Street it was. We were on 42nd Street and 8th avenue and he looked right at me and literally, I was on the phone ‘Sure I would love to’ I look back, saw the Ford, went back like this, turned back like a half a second later, and it was gone and that car did not go past me. It did not make a U turn because I would have seen… 42nd Street, I would have seen that thing take a U turn and go away. That car vanished! That car was a cloaked vehicle of some type and whether this was like a warning to me because the guy that got out of the backseat gave me a real dirty look. That car vanished. I know what I saw. And it was just this fast, talking on phone, guy gives me a dirty look, talking on phone, car gone. That’s what happened.

Then, two hours later, we were told to not continue taping and the show was cancelled and none of them would air. I don’t know. I don’t know. Was it an MIB experience? You know, black helicopters, military abductions that happen, people are taken and talk about being visited by military personnel and being debriefed about their abduction. Was it technology associated with some of these beings that are visiting? They wanted to warn me off or they wanted to give me verification that I was on the right track? I don’t know. But I do know I turned back a second later and it takes so long for an automobile accelerating from zero to forty miles an hour to reach the corner of 8th Avenue and 42nd Street going past me and then pulling a U turn and going out towards Times Square, I would have seen that car. And I looked around. I mean, man, I was looking (!) and it was gone. So, I don’t know. The tapes exist, I have them, we’re gonna try to repackage them. We might put them out on DVD.”

This next encounter is one of the most interesting in recent times in my opinion, because there is alleged video from the hotel showing the encounter the staff had. I have embedded this video into this episode page on the podcast website so you can check it out for yourselves…. www.walkingtheshadowlands.com

On October the 14th 2008, One Shane Sovar, and an unnamed security guard were standing outside of their hotel in or near Niagara falls, Canada when they witnessed a UFO here is the newspaper report of the sighting. Shane reported it to API (Aerial Phenomena Investigations).

In the early afternoon of May 10th 2009, two alleged Men-In-Black came to Shane’s workplace. Shane who was the hotel manager, was not on duty at that time. The workers who were accosted, and aggressively questioned by these men, told Shane of their visit…. These are Shanes own words from an interview on The Midnight in the Desert Radio show.

“One of my door men approached me and he said…. He kind of had a weird look on his face, and he said to me:” Can we go in your office and talk?” And, I said; “Sure, sure, sure. No problem!” So I brought him into my office, and he said; “Oh, something really weird happened here yesterday, and you weren’t here.”

He said; “Ah there were a couple of really strange looking men that were here. And, they kind of freaked everybody out, and they were asking questions about you. And, now of course, I’m getting a little bit nervous, and ah…. “What are you talking about?

And he goes; “Well, they were…. I don’t know how to describe them…. They were extremely odd-looking. They were really, really tall. Like six foot five, at least!” He says, “And, they were identical heights. They were exact same height. They were wearing exact same clothes, and they had the exact same faces. Like they were twins.” And he said; “They were wearing black suits black trench coats, they were wearing like the old fashioned Fedora hats. They had extremely, extremely pale skin.” And, he said; “They came in. They looked around a bit, and they asked for you. I said, “I’m sorry he’s actually not working today.” And, it seemed like they didn’t believe me. So they started to walk around the hotel, and shortly after they went to the tour desk. I got busy and I started to have to move cars around and get luggage. And, by the time I came back, they were gone! But…” He goes; ”They freaked me out, and I really wanted to tell you there were these weird guys in here looking for you.”

So, of course now I’m a little bit skeptical. And, I’m a little bit freaked out all at the same time! The first thing I do, is run into my security office, ‘cause, I know how to work the security system. And, I rewound the cameras, and sure enough there…. Here comes two gentlemen through the front door. Looking exactly how he described. And, you can actually see my bellman, the one whose telling me the story in the area where he’s getting keys for a valet. And, he literally does a double take right on the film. He looks, and looked again as if oh my gosh. These are extremely odd looking people!

And then, the next day I came into work again, and I was talking with my tour desk, and one of them asked to talk to me. She came in my office, the same as my bellman. And, she said: ”I need to tell you about something that happened. I heard that you heard, there were some men looking for you?”  And, I said; “Yes.” And, she said; “Well, you don’t know what happened when they came to my desk.” She said; “They asked a few questions about you, and they said strange things, that I didn’t understand. They were talking about governments, and conspiracies, and none of it made any sense to me.” But, she goes; “They were very, very scary!”

And, I said; “Well, why were they scary?” And, she said; “They had no facial hair. None!” She said; “They had no eyebrows, no eyelashes, nothing! Their hair looked like they had a wig on. Like it was attached to their hat. Like it wasn’t even real!” And, she said; “And, the scariest thing…” she said, “Their eyes were so big, and so blue, that they almost hypnotised me a little bit.” And, she goes; “And, you’re going to think I’m crazy when I tell you this. But, I swear they knew what I was thinking! So, I started to think about things other than you, and I don’t even know if it worked.” And, she started to cry. And she said one more thing, before she left. She said; “These men, they didn’t blink. Not once, did I see them blink.”

I was completely freaked, and when I told my wife she was really, really upset. And, I was upset, and I literally for weeks I remember, as I drove home from the hotel I was always looking in my rear-view mirror, and I gotta be honest. I was a little bit paranoid where ever I went, and how far I ventured out from house. And, late at night, and…. And then it just continued, and extremely bizarre things were happening within our household…. Um, and almost like ghostly-like. My wife would call me panicking. Telling me the toys were all going off in the play room, and our kids were sound asleep. And, she could hear footsteps when there was nobody in the house – and she was really, really torn up about the whole thing. And shortly after that, we ended up moving up to Ottawa. I transferred jobs to a hotel in downtown Ottawa, and shortly after I come to Ottawa a mysterious craft crashed in the river…. In the Ottawa river ­– right near my house….

The security video from the hotel shows the two alleged Men-In-Black entering the hotel, it is pretty clear. The final account that I am going to share today comes from an 18-year-old lad by the name of James, and happened only about 3 months ago in 2019, so it is very recent. I asked him if he would like to share this account in his own words, but he was reticent to do so, understandably. So, this is James’ experience with the Men-In-Black

James’ Experience with the Men-In-Black.

For context, I’m British and live in England and this story took place when I was 15 (I’m now 18) but it has bugged me ever since it happened. This is a very short story but one that has lingered in the back of my mind ever since it happened.

I was playing video-games on a Wednesday night and there was a knock on the door at about 11pm which was out of the ordinary and in-of-itself a bit odd. My mam was on the one who answered it but, since it was so late, I came out to see who it was myself. We have a square-shaped spiral staircase with platforms as you go up each step and there’s a balcony at the top which I could look over. It was also dark so it would be hard to see me, especially from outside of the front door.

When my mam opened the door, there were two men who she described as sounding German, wearing black suits. They were pasty white, tall, clean shaven and quite bulky. They didn’t say anything like why they were there, what they wanted or who they were, just asking if I was home. What got me was that they didn’t just just go by my first name but also by my last name (Troughton, like the second doctor, which isn’t very common). My mam, thankfully, said no and told them they had the wrong house.

My mam after she had closed the door, told me that they were still outside looking at our windows. She told me to stay out of sight since she thought they were eying the house to see if I was home or not. After about twenty minutes they finally left the pavement but my mam was convinced they’d be sat in their cars, still watching, so I hid a bit longer. It was really intimidating, especially considering I was 15 and had never done anything malicious.

This was 3 years ago and I’ve heard nothing since. I’ve always wondered who they were, what they wanted, or if it was even a malicious encounter. Nonetheless, it truly freaked me out.

To clarify, I’m not certain they were German, that’s just what my mam said their accent reminded her of. They were pretty quiet so I barely heard them myself and only got a glance of them (in the dark outside the door).

Here are some pretty good theories:

  1. harmless prank by a friend, calling some religious group to my house (Jehova, Mormon, etc)
  2. I somehow ended up on a cult’s list
  3. Deep Web could have led them to me somehow

This episode has been all about the Men-In-Black. I have talked about what they do, what they look like, and shared a few experiences, my personal one as well. But, what I have not discussed are theories or possible explanations. There are many out there, but here are some of them for your consideration.

  • The experiences are all fiction
  • We all hallucinated our experiences
  • They were practical jokes
  • The Men-In-Black were from some alphabet government agency
  • They are aliens, or Star People who live on some secret base here on earth
  • They are robotic beings, sent on behalf of some unknown organisation
  • These beings come from another dimension entirely

I am sure that there are many more theories about who they are. I don’t know who they are, but from my own personal experience I know that they are very, very real – and they exude a not very nice energy. You all, need to make up your own minds as to what you think they are, but this much I can state for certain – they are definitely not like J and K from the MIB movie.

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