Episode 45: A Glitch In The Matrix – Experiences

Hi everyone, it’s great to be back. I hope you have all enjoyed the top ten most listened to episodes, and thanks so much for the understanding. Just a wee bit of housekeeping before we get into our episode today.

Firstly, I appreciate your patience whilst I took time out to deal with my health issues. Now the docs know what I am dealing with, which is awesome. Nothing major, but something that leaves my energy levels pretty low at times. So, I’ve decided that because of this, and also as it will be an ongoing issue for me, I am only going to release episodes once a fortnight. For our listeners who are not familiar with that terminology, it means every two weeks. So two episodes a month. Ten episodes per season.  This will give me the space and time to ensure that every episode you hear is the best I am able to produce for you. Also, I will be better able to space my research and execution of each episode, because it’s a fair amount of work for me. Work that I absolutely love doing though and have missed. Otherwise I do run the risk of having to close down my podcast altogether, which I absolutely don’t want to do as I love these subjects and I totally enjoy sharing them with you all.

My most listened to episode of the podcast, far and above the others was last week’s episode. The subject of this world, this reality, being a holograph and glitches in the matrix seems to have struck a cord with most of my listeners. Certainly those who listened to that episode. If you haven’t listened, then I strongly suggest that you do before you listen to this weeks one as it lays the ground work of understanding of the what is meant by a glitch in the Matrix.  Also, as the subject is fresh in the mind of those who listened to it, this week’s episode is solely about people’s experiences with glitchy events. So, are you ready to walk with me back with me into this part of the Shadowlands and see what awaits us there? Then let’s begin!

There were just so many new experiences that people are having with glitches, that it was hard to choose the ones for this episode, so I have plenty of material for further episodes in the same vein if you all would like to hear more. Let me know, leave some feed back on your favourite podcasting app. This show is on most free ones Apple, Spotify, Anchor, Tunein, even iHeart Radio. Or you can email me your comments, suggestions, or even experiences of your own to shadowlands@yahoo.com. Or via the podcast website www.walkingtheshadowlands.com. I would love to hear from you all.

I’ve noticed that there is sort of a pattern with glitches that are being reported on sites like Reddit. There will be a whole group of what I call disappearing or appearing glitches, time displacement glitches, or other types. Like a run of them at once. It is most interesting to observe. Like the machine when it glitches in this particular way, does it all over the world, as of course one would expect if this is indeed a holographic reality.

And by the way, I do have explicit permission of all the people who had these experiences in this episode, to share their stories with you all. Some brave people agreed to tell of their experiences in their own words. Some preferred to remain anon and I totally respect their decisions, so in those cases I have used the non-de-plume they used on the social media where their stories were found. And all these experiences have only just been uploaded to social media by the experiencers within the past three to four weeks, so they are very fresh, so to speak.

A Glitch In The Matrix – Experiences

I have organized this episode into segments dependent on the sort of glitch they were. So let’s start with a segment of glitches on items that disappear or reappear unexpectedly. This very first experience is from a lady who wishes to remain anonymous. She tells her story in her own words.

Mum’s ring.

The story kind of begins when my brother was born. My grandparents purchased a ring for my Mom. It was an eighteen-carat gold ring with a large aquamarine and basically she was wearing it all the time, along with her wedding and her engagement ring. Now, my Mom’s hands would sometimes swell up at night and that’s why she would remove her rings and leave them on her nightstand.

Now my parents moved from Italy to Canada in the late seventies. And they purchased their first house. It was late nineteen-seventy-nine. And anyways, in nineteen-eighty my Mom goes to bed. So, she takes her rings off. Shuts off her light. Goes to sleep. And the next morning she finds her wedding band and her engagement ring, but the big aquamarine ring was gone. It vanished out of thin air!

So my Mom looked for it all over the place. She moved the night stand incase it fell behind, or underneath. She checked the drawers, like literally unfolding her socks and everything, to see if maybe it fell in there and got you know? Lost in there. She never ended up finding it. So my Mom was basically upset, obviously, ‘cause, it had a lot of sentimental value to her. But, she figured like maybe it slipped off her hand at the grocery store, or whatever? She basically wrote it off as a loss. Like she lost her ring. 

Now, fast forward. Nineteen-ninety-five, I’m ten years old. And by the way, when she lost the ring I was not born yet. So in nineteen-ninety-five my Mom, she began having asthma attacks. So they prescribed an inhaler for her. And it’s after dinner. I’m in the living room with my parents. We’re watching hockey on the television. My Mom gets an asthma attack. And you know, she basically asks me to go get her inhaler. Which was on her nightstand.

So I run to her room, grab the inhaler, and I notice this beautiful ring I’ve never seen before. I don’t think much of it you know? I just bring the inhaler to my Mom, she takes it. Her asthma attack subsides. And once she’s fine, I comment on the ring. And I’m like, “Wow that’s a really pretty ring you’ve got!” And she’s like, “What are you talking about?”

And I’m like, “Yeah. The new ring, it’s on your nightstand. I just saw it when I grabbed your inhaler.”

She’s like, “What are you talking about?”

So she gets up, goes to her room and then she gasps and breaks down in tears, when she realizes it’s the ring she had lost fifteen years before. Just reappeared, exactly where she had left it.

Fun fact. She gave the ring to my niece when she turned eighteen. My brother’s daughter.That’s it! It just vanished in the night and then reappeared and we have no explanation whatsoever, as to what happened.

Inexplicable Necklace Glitch

from quixotic_ardor

For a high school graduation gift, my parents got me a very delicate gold cross necklace with a tiny diamond in the center of it. It was very unique and specific, and the bottom was exceptionally sharp. I wore it everyday and never took it off, but I had a bad habit of tugging at it. One day while I was at home I realized it was gone. I looked for it everywhere but never found it. Several months later I moved to Los Angeles for school.

Shortly before I moved, I developed a 10/10 fear of flying. My whole family flew with me to LA to help me get settled and move in (I want to note that I am from Canada, and the oldest in my family so this was a big transition for all of us). On the flight to LA, I had a full blown panic attack and passed out, so a flight attendant had to sit with me for the duration.

Cut to five months later, it’s December and I have a flight home for Christmas looming that I am beginning to seriously panic about. Two days before I am scheduled to fly home I am at the gym on the ab ball and I start panicking about this flight when I hear a ting sound (even thought the ground beneath me is rubber). I look down and see my gold cross (that I lost a year prior at my parents house IN CANADA) lying on the ground in front of me. Same little diamond, same insanely sharp bottom, same chain. It was mine.

I took this as a sign that everything was going to be okay and I didn’t have to worry about the flight, and my fear of flying evaporated, which was amazing – BUT – it still doesn’t explain how the necklace got there!

I will add a couple notes, the workout outfit I was wearing I had bought in LA long after I lost the necklace. I didn’t pack a lot of my old clothes from home because I wanted to buy new ones for this new chapter of my life. My mom and dad and brothers all swear that they didn’t find it and sneak it into my things. This necklace was from a Canadian jewellery store, and my parents customized it with the diamond, so chances of it being someone else’s were basically non-existent. I also want to note that this was at the end of my workout, so if it had somehow been on me it should have fallen out earlier.

To this day, I have zero explanation as to how this happened.

Sometimes items reappear in the home that were previously removed, or disappear from a hand holding them, or appear in places where they simply shouldn’t be, like these next three experiences.

Package reappeared

from izzle5591

I bought some clothes online but they ended up not fitting, so I was planning on mailing them back to the company in the same box they came in. I printed the shipping label, taped the box shut, and left it on my desk for a few days because I have a terrible habit of putting things off.

A friend comes over, sees the package, and we talk about it. She and I were going out anyway, so I figured that would be a good time to take it to the post office to ship it back. She and I both go to the post office together and we dropped it off.

A few days later, the package is back on my desk in the exact same position it had been in when my friend saw it the first time. I called her and asked if I definitely dropped it off at the post office, she said yes. There wasn’t any “return to sender” sticker or anything like that, plus I hadn’t gone back to the post office to pick up any packages. It just appeared and I had to mail it again. Super weird, kinda freaked me out for a couple days.

Edit: when the package reappeared on my desk, this is a desk in my bedroom inside my home, so even if the package had been returned because of the original label being visible (which it wasn’t) someone would have had to pick it back up from the post office and deliver it to the inside of my bedroom

It disappeared out of my hand

from XfantomX

After my shower last night, I came back into my room, got dressed, grabbed my vape, and climbed into bed. I planned on scrolling through my phone and puffing away a little bit before actually going to sleep. When I got into bed I put the back of my hand on the mattress with my vape still in my loosely closed fingers, I could feel the weight of it on my fingers and palm.

As I was absent mindedly scrolling I suddenly realized I could no longer feel the weight of a vape on my hand. At first I thought no biggie, I was relaxing, and not too focused on holding onto it, so it probably just slipped out of my hand or something. So I started patting around my bed where my hand had just bed, nothing. I looked in between blankets that were near my hand, nothing. I looked in the pillow case of the pillow I was leaning on, nothing. I pulled my bed out from the corner it’s tucked it to look behind it, nothing.

By now it was almost one in the morning so I thought to myself, you just had it in your hand, it has to be here, just look for it in the morning. I wake up this morning and immediately remember last night’s strange events and really go looking for it. I slowly, one by one, take all the pillows off my bed, looking under them, in between them, in their cases, and nothing. I take all my blankets off one by one shaking them out, nothing. I take the fitted sheet off my bed to see if it somehow ended up underneath it, nothing. I pull my bed out from its corner again to see if it’s on the ground, nothing. I check underneath the vent that goes around my bed thinking maybe it rolled under, nothing. I check in the vent, nothing. I flipped my mattress to see if it ended up under there, nothing. I even checked the pockets of the pants I took of before getting into bed just to cover everything, nothing.

I’ve seen some comments on this sub before where people lose things and after searching everywhere, say out loud, something along the lines of; I don’t mind you borrowed it, but can I please have it back now, so I even tried that, and nothing. So now I’m just lying on an unmade bed, blankets and pillows scattered all over, baffled as to how this vape disappeared out of my hand.

Live goldfish appeared in stock room

from CountOfSterpeto

I worked at KMart in the late 90s. I opened one day and found a goldfish lying in a small puddle on the concrete floor of the largest stock room. It was in the main pathway about 15 feet into the room with nothing else around it for a good five foot radius. It was so bizarre I immediately got the manager just to show her. She poked it and it started flapping around. The half of the goldfish touching the concrete was stuck enough to rip a few scales off when it did this. Bear in mind, we did not sell goldfish, or any animals for that matter.

Also, I was on the closing shift the night before with two other stock guys, both who were genuinely surprised upon hearing the story when they came in that day. Because it will be asked: The goldfish was saved in a coffee mug. The opening manager called the closing manager from the night before, most likely to spread the crazy story, but officially to see if he had any knowledge of there being a goldfish left in the stockroom. He did not. Turns out he owned several fish tanks, though, so he came in and got the goldfish.

Following on from the goldfish experience, there are very often experiences involving animals.  In the case of the following two short experiences both directly with one person’s pet moggy or cat, and one with their moggy’s food.

My cat glitched

from fuggleruggler

Ok. This literally just happened and myself and my daughter are freaking out. I was in the kitchen and put my phone down next to my cat. I gave her a fuss (for non Brits, I petted her/ stroked her) and walked through into the living room. To see my cat outside on the windowsill asking to come in.

My daughter and I just stared at each other. Um. Not going to lie, that was nuts. Definitely my cat. She’s very distinctive. Long haired fluffy Calico cat. When I saw her outside, I turned to look and she was gone from the kitchen. Totally freaked me out.

Multiplying cat food

from WraithOfEvaBraun

So this all happened about 4 years ago now. I had one cat at the time, and his cat food ran out about 9.30pm on a Saturday – shops here weren’t open til 10am Sunday. So went out and bought a new shiny 12pack of pouches and by mid-afternoon he’d had 3 (catching up!)

My mother came round for a visit, he did his usual cat I’m starving!’ meows at her and she says shall I feed him? I said no… count the box…. She says “9? He’s had 3 already? Greedy monkey”

He had another before me and my son headed out for takeaway later, then I fed him before bed. Got up next morning and as usual he’s waa-ing for food immediately, so i go to the box and think ‘hmmm, that looks way too full’ but feed him one anyways…. Came back through and count pouches – NINE left?!? There was nine at 4pm and he’s had three since then! So of course there should only be six

I haven’t a clue what happened there…. When I got a new box I even tried fitting the ‘extra’ pouches in and there’s just no way they could fit! I really aren’t one to complain about free food, but what the hell happened there?!?

Then there are what I call bookish glitches, such as the following two experiences. In this first one, my guest has requested to be anonymous, but has shared her experience in her own words. There is a bit of a preset up to her experience, and I do apologize for the sound quality in this recording. The sounds were coming from my guest’s side and I tried to clean them up as much as I could. But, I felt her experience was interesting enough, that you all wouldn’t mind the noises in the background.

Stevie Nicks & the ‘Triad’ Book.

Well, I love Stevie Nicks. I love Fleetwood Mac and last May me and my husband, we knew that they were coming to town. It’s kind of like this thing like, oh wouldn’t it be nice if we could go. But, the tickets were pretty expensive and we weren’t planning on going. But, just the day of we decided well why not? Let’s look on Craig’s list and see if anyone is selling tickets?

So we sent out a few messages and we didn’t really think that we were going to hear back from anyone in time. Or be able to come to an agreement with anyone. And all of a sudden…. I mean it wasn’t more… It had to be like an hour away from when the concert was starting and we got a message back from someone. Hey I saw you’re interested in tickets, here you go. And they just, they just sent the tickets over. And I thought that it was really interesting that they had sent them over without even asking about payment or anything like that.

So I was kind of almost blown away by that, ‘cause, you know, just not what you expect when you’re on Craig’s list. Free concert tickets and I was wow ok, let’s go! So we’re there and the music is starting and Stevie comes on and she’s telling the story about how, there’s like a little link to our city and I was just feeling so alive, you know? I mean, I love music and everything, but I was just buzzing with this different kind of energy.

And she started singing and on the background behind them they had these images being displayed, kind of like a media projection of an outline of a woman dancing. There was some ravens behind her, flying through and I was so into it. Into the music I wasn’t paying that too much mind. But, my husband kind of went, “Oh! Hey, it’s you! Look. It’s you on the projector.” And I was like, “What are you talking about?”

And first I just kind of laughed, but then I really paid attention. It did bear some resemblance to what my outline would look like, I guess. And actually, was kind of spooky because I have this vintage dress that…. Like a floor length dress that goes out a bit at the bottom and that’s what she was wearing. You could see the outline of it and so it was like whoa! that’s pretty cool. You know it was like a very special experience to be there for something like that. It felt really special to be able to see someone I look up to so much.

So watching this video where she’s being interviewed and she’s talking about the inspiration for her song Rhiannon. And she mentioned this book called ‘The Triad’ by Mary Leader. I kind of made a mental note about it and forgot, but, I just remembered the names. The two names of the characters, Bronwyn and Rhiannon. And they just stuck out so much to me. I was like ok, I’ve really got to read that! But I never ended up going to look for it. It’s an older book that was released in the seventies and by the time I think she said she was touring somewhere, or writing somewhere and she just ended up reading the whole thing in her hotel at night and she couldn’t put it down.

Time goes on and we have a spare bedroom that wasn’t much of anything but our cat’s playroom and we had a couple of dressers in there. But I thought well ok, I really want to organize this and turn it into something nice. A nice closet space or something.

So, I was going through this process of you know? You take everything out of the drawers and organize it and hang it up, and the room was kind of crazy for a few days. When things started coming together, I found this pile of books. I was…. I had seen it when I was going through everything in there and I didn’t pay it too much mind, because, I do have some books in there. But, then when things started coming together I’m like where are these books from?

I pick up this stack of books and they’re all actually – they’re like older books. There was dust on them, some spider webs. It looked like they had been sitting for a really long time and I know that when we had moved into this apartment it was completely empty. There wasn’t anything in there, so I didn’t have any guests in that room, especially in that week. Because, it was just a mess and no one had brought any books that week. My husband and I didn’t really talk about this book, so he wouldn’t have known. Plus, it was more interesting that there was a few books that had turned up with and that they were all similarly aged.

I’m going through the books and there’s that book ‘Triad’. And, on the cover there’s a girl almost morphed with a bird and when I picked it up I could just feel the energy coming from this book. It was just so unreal. And I immediately asked him, did you get this book? Where did these books come from? Where they in this dresser? You know? Who do they belong to? And we could never figure it out. I am still very perplexed by this, to this day.

A glitch in the library book universe 

from alicenocountry

This is a pretty wholesome glitch (or a pretty wholesome and complicated stalker situation.) I have this problem where I like to put way too many books on hold at the library, and they all become available at once so I don’t get a chance to make it through all of them. I usually keep a few books in my truck for unexpected waits etc.

I borrowed The Body by Bill Bryson, and it become one of my truck books. I made it about halfway through and then it was time to return it. I got in my truck for work, saw it on my passenger seat, and planned to take it back after work.

After work, my stack of books are there, but The Body is not on the seat any more. Whatever. Books go flying around, I’m not a great driver, it’s FINE. I hunt around my entire truck, clean out the whole thing, have a stack of four other truck books. The Body is no where to be seen.

I am super diligent about locking my truck doors- it’s a manual lock, not a button or keyless fob or anything, I have muscle memory and I lock it consistently from it. And who steals a single book from a vehicle? I keep a ton of crap in my car, none of it was missing except the Body.

My fiancé and I spend three days looking for it every where, including at least six runs of the truck- it’s gone. It’s 25 cents a day for a late fee, I check the library app for our county, I owe 75cents as expected. I resign myself to having to pay for the expensive hard cover edition I’ve lost. Come Monday morning, I hop in my truck to go pay for the book, lean over to grab my stack of “to return” books from the passenger seat and- The Body is sitting right on top. I call my fiancé to ask him where he found it, and he says he didn’t find it. Hmm… maybe we just somehow missed it all those times looking for it and it was THAT obvious the entire time.

I return my stack of books in the book drop and walk in to pay the late fee, which should be $1.25. I ask the librarian if I can pay, and she says she doesn’t see any fee, but just to make sure it’s clear, she asks what book it was for.

“The Body by Bill Bryson.”

“Hmm… it doesn’t look like you’ve checked that out! “

“Well I just dropped it in the book drop, but I can grab it, just to make sure?” I just don’t want to rack up late fees, okay, I use the library a lot, so don’t want to be a pariah. The librarian runs to the storage room where the book drop feeds, is gone a few moments and comes back. “I don’t know what to tell you dear, I don’t see any The Body back there!”

“Oh… I must be confused, sorry.”

“Have a nice day!”

This segment of experiences all sort of fall loosely under time and space, or repeated time glitches. These are the type of glitch that was experienced by Neo in the original ‘Matrix’ movie when he saw the black cat walk in front of the stairs, then repeat the very same movement again. A bit like this experience from a Walking the Shadowlands group member by the name of Hannah, a fellow New Zealander, who shares her glitchy moment with us all.

Hannah’s Experience

My name is Hannah. This probably happened a good five or six years ago now. But, I had a friend staying over and she wanted to try…. She was talking about trying lucid dreaming. And anyway, she lay down to meditate next to me.

And about ten minutes later she sits up and says, “Oh it’s not working! I give up!” She starts scrolling through her phone and sees a funny photo and turns and shows it to me and I laugh and she puts it down and lays back down. And then, maybe five minutes after that she sits up and she goes, “Oh it’s not working! I give up!” And she picks up her phone and she starts scrolling. And the exact same photo that she showed me about five minutes earlier, she shows it to me again.

And I turned to her and said, “You just showed me that.” And she was like, “What? No I didn’t. I’ve just been lying here Hannah. What are you talking about?”  And I just said, “No. You sat up and you showed me that exact photo.” And she kind of just didn’t believe me and she thought she had just been laying there and…. I mean, I guess part of it she could have been – you know? Sleep talking or whatever. But it was just the fact that you know, she used the exact same words. And all her movements and everything were exactly the same, from you know, both times she did it so that was…. I mean, I didn’t know what to think of that? That was quite weird.

A glitch in time and space 

from oh_my_bugs

My sister, my mom, and I had plans for dinner. They both were at our local mall, about ten mins from my sisters and my place (we live together).  At about 4:30 pm they call me to tell me they are on the way back to pick me up for dinner. We live in a heavily populated area so they estimated with traffic it would be about 20 mins until they would reach the house. Ten minutes later my sister calls me in a pretty shocked state. This is around 4:40 which is 10 minutes after they called me to tell me they were leaving the mall.

Apparently they were driving on the very familiar highway we’ve lived off of for 20+ years and all of the sudden they realized they were about 40 minutes from home on a totally different highway. Keep in mind, my mother was driving and she has never ever used drugs or alcohol. She is the most level headed person I know. They were in deep conversation, looked up and Bam. 40 minutes away from home in the span of 5 minutes.

I know this to be a fact because it took them well over an hour to pick me up when it should have taken no more than 20 minutes. We talked about it over dinner and both my sister and my mom were really confused and disoriented over the whole thing. Gave me a really weird feeling!!

We found the Google maps that tracked the location of the vehicle! It has the mall location saved and pins them leaving the mall on the correct highway at 4:35. Then 40 minutes of no recording and it pins them back on the correct path to home. I’m not too familiar with Google maps but basically there’s no record of the lost time. Just them heading north homeward bound, blank, then heading home south bound after presumably turning around!

Gas station glitch

from living_turd

Yesterday evening my girlfriend and I were visiting our local mini mart/gas station and had a weird experience. Note that my girlfriend doesn’t really believe in the paranormal or unknown. As I was paying for gas I see the car of a guy I what to high school with pull up. While I finished paying my girlfriend grabbed our bag from the clerk and began to walk out right past said person. We exchanged greetings as he walked to the restroom. We seen him enter the restroom as I exited the door, but when we got outside and got in our car he was putting up the handle and replacing the gas cap.

All this happened in about 20 seconds. He would never be able to do his business, pay for his gas, and pump it all while we got settled in to our car. I don’t know what happened or have any clue why. It’s like time for him just skipped ahead a couple of minutes while we took the 20 seconds to get in to our car.

My girlfriend said she had gotten the chills from what we witnessed. She’s never had any experience like this before. I’ve had a few so I’m not really too new to any glitches I experience. Still weird though.

My Dad wasn’t home

from Harlowb3

This isn’t really scary and I never thought much of it until a few minutes ago when I was reminded of this event. This happened when I was in elementary school (4-5 grade) and my parents, brother, and I were living in a two-story apartment. (I have a lot of stories about this place.) the bedrooms and bathroom were upstairs and everything else was downstairs.

I had been asleep and walked down stairs. I saw my dad sitting at the computer, plain as day. I looked at him. I walked past him into the kitchen and out the back door. I rode my bike around outside and I see my dad in his truck pull up. I told him I thought he was inside and then explained what I saw. He said he hoped I didn’t see anyone because I had been left home alone. He came back to get me because my family was going out to eat.

Fiancés share a glitch

from Amertine

So this was a couple years ago and my fiancé and I lived together in this super tiny trailer. Living room and kitchen were one open area and then there’s a very thin and narrow hallway that leads to our bedroom, the bathroom and the spare bedroom. So keeping that in mind, our bedroom is at the end of the hall. The bathroom is a bit before our room and the spare bedroom is before the bathroom. This hallway is so small that two people absolutely couldn’t walk through it without smacking into each other.

He went to the kitchen to make something or grab something, I can’t remember. I walk out of the room to check on him and I hang out at the end of the hallway to look for him and I can’t find him. I walk back, check the bathroom, nothing. Then I get into our room again, and he’s standing there looking as confused as I was.

I asked if he saw me in the hallway, and he said no and we confirmed that neither of us had used the restroom or walked into the spare bedroom. So we HAD to have walked past each other. But as I stated, the hallway is so fricken tiny that my arms resting at my sides can touch both walls nearly.

Anyway, we both were amazed and confused the rest of the night. To this day, we still talk about it. Both of our families think we just got confused, but I have no logical explanation for this.

We all just lost 4 hours

from britishdude1984

I woke up this morning (Fri 17th January) to my alarm at 11:11am. Coffee and TV by Blur, lovely song to wake up to. I woke up, my mother called me, I responded, sure I was now fully awake. I laid in bed for a few minutes and got up. The time was now something like 15:20. I was sure only 10 minutes had passed in bed, and I was sure I hadn’t went back to sleep, but wrote it off.

I go downstairs and my Dad remarks, puzzled that it’s 3pm already, saying he was sure it was 11am. My mother confirms this, she too thought it was 11am. We have all lost 4 hours. I joked that we had been abducted by aliens, “it’s a glitch in the matrix” my Mum replies (she’s vaguely aware of the GITM phenomenon from me, I’m interested but very skeptical).

This was very interesting. Like I said I’m skeptical, it was probably a coincidence, and I’d be more willing to believe it was a carbon monoxide leak than a glitch (Edit: it wasn’t a carbon monoxide leak), but I’ll let you guys decide. Loosing 4 hours laying in bed is one thing, but 3 people, 2 of which are up and awake losing 4 hours is something quite different.

David’s experience.

Hi there, my name is David and I have a story that’s stayed with me for quite a while. I was out in the street, it was winter. You know? One of those winters where the snow was kind of crunchy. So you can hear it. You can hear your steps as you go along. And, it was a busy night. You know, it was late enough that some drunk people were coming out of the bars, so it was crowded, it felt loud. And I was going to a convenience store to buy myself some snacks. And, I came upon one. It was…. It was, you know, one of those regular convenience stores with window glass panes. This one had a neon sign alternating between different colours. 

So I went inside and nothing really struck, struck me as weird really. It was just another normal night, going to a convenience store. And as I went along, trying to decide what to eat – what, you know, picqued my appetite. It kind of dawned on me that something was off.  You know how the electrical high pitched noise, that permeates the environment, in modern life?  In every time you have fridges, or I dunno, the lights? Ah electrical equipment you know? You can hear it, even if it’s low volume? Well, I cannot hear it here. It was kind of disconcerting in a way, you kind of get used to that noise.

And the air, it felt – still. Like thick. Like I had to move my hands to get it out of the way, so I could get through. So I just kept on going you know? I just figured it was, you know, maybe I was tired or something? As I kept on going, you know, I just looked around. Browsed around and didn’t touch anything.

I noticed that it was something more. It was soundless! I couldn’t even hear the streets and usually at this time you know, you can hear the life outside. Well you know, I just made my way to the counter, to the cash register and I took a lighter off the lighter rack. And everything changed. You know as soon as I touched the lighter. I would almost say immediately after I touched it, all the sounds it just came rushing back.

You know, I could hear the cars outside. I could hear people talking and steps. I could hear that electrical humming, high- pitched, I was talking about. It was back. It almost felt good, like familiarity. But, it just came so suddenly. And the employee that was behind the counter, he was not facing me, he was facing the wall. He kind of just whirled around all of a sudden. He was talking on his phone. I mean, he was talking to the hand but he kind of had his phone, so it must have been on speaker phone. And behind him there was a TV that was blasting this loud TV program.

You know – all of these noises I would have noticed them, you know, if they were there before. And they were not there.  It was as though I kind of just…. I dunno, like one of those video game bugs where you do a specific set – a sequence of actions that trigger something, you know, that’s not supposed to be triggered. I kind of felt that way because, I touched the lighter and just everything went back to normal.

Finally, I was just bewildered, you know, to do anything about it. Or, think anything about it. The employee just took the lighter and gave me like the price and I gave him some change. And, then I went outside and I kind of realized I couldn’t even hear my steps inside, as I was outside crunching my feet in the snow and felt weird. And that silence time, I couldn’t see the light [neon light] inside. It was alternating in colours and I couldn’t see that inside, you know? I could almost swear that it was only one colour, you know?

Yeah, it’s like your out of it and you don’t know what to think about it. If you’re going crazy, or if it’s really just the world and you were like in another world. Or, in a different space.  I kind of felt good about it in a way, because, I had this experience and I didn’t get hurt. And I didn’t…. Nobody got hurt. It was not like traumatizing to me. It was just – interesting. And interesting experiences like that you can share them and it’s…. It just makes part of that human experience that is so mysterious, even today. 

This last experience, I am not sure where to fit it in, or actually even if it is a glitch, or if it is spirit consoling loved ones. However, it was such a touching experience I really felt to include it in this episode.

Elegant coincidence? 

from Tongyasorb

My mother had been dying for ten years. Very sick and wanted to go more and more fervently, but they gave her a pacemaker that kept her heart going and when she went on hunger strike, one of my brothers who had Power of Attorney would have them tube feed her.

I went to bed one saturday night, and woke up at 3:50 a.m. I keep a tape recorder by the bed to record dreams if I remember any, so I grabbed it and recorded this: “It is ten till four a.m. and I just woke up and the whole house feels weird, like there were people here just now, but not in a scary way.” Then I got up and did that walk through you’ll do sometime if you wake up freaked out. Looked out the windows, checked the door locks. Went back to bed. Slept until 8 o’clock Sunday morning, and when I woke I stood up, got my phone out of the charger and started walking toward the living room, and the phone rang in my hand.

My POA brother was calling to tell me Mom had died in the night. “I know exactly what time” I thought, but I didn’t say anything. He said he was waiting with her until they picked up the body so I said I would go to her house and start getting it ready for the funeral crowd.

Weird feeling walking into her house alone and knowing it wasn’t her house anymore. There was a postcard lying on a desk that was usually a pretty messy and piled up desk. It was empty and polished clean for some weird reason. Still don’t know who did that or what happened to those papers.

I walked over and picked up the postcard. It was from our brother who had died three years earlier, and it said “I love you Mama, and I’ll see you on the 20th.” It was the 20th of the month that day.

So in this episode you have all heard some experiences with glitches in the matrix from people all over the world. People just like you and me. Unexplainable occurrences or events that have left these people wondering what on earth just happened? Or how on earth did that happen? How would you react or feel if you were to encounter such a glitch? Would you try to rationalise it away, to find a logical, rational explanation for it? And what if you can’t explain it, no matter how hard you try to? Would that make you consider the nature of this reality we call our world?

As Morpheus says to Neo in a memorable scene from the Matrix movie:

What is “real”? How do you define “real”? If you’re talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, taste and see then “real” is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.

Is our world a holographic reality? What do you think?

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